Getting Out of Your Own Way

Nakisher Psychological Services provided by
Dr. Steven Nakisher
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nakisher


My approach can be best described as “get out of your own way” therapy.

You are the common denominator in all of your life experiences. Regardless of the role you’ve played, it’s likely time to get out of your own way and live a more authentic, productive and fulfilling life. You deserve it.

I have a tremendous respect for how life’s challenges are experienced and managed. The struggle is real. However, I’ve learned that sometimes the challenges that feel the most complicated often feel that way because of the meanings we’ve associated and the methods by which we’ve coped. It’s the ritualized patterns that find us feeling misunderstood, underappreciated, and stuck, that need to be addressed.

"Getting the most out of therapy."


Dr. Nakisher’s creative style helps him work well with people struggling with various issues including personal/relationship/work dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, trauma, loneliness, substance use concerns, disordered eating, grief, personal growth and feeling stuck in life. He also specializes in working with the LGBTQIA+ community.


Individual therapy provides an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a safe and affirming environment

Professional Consultation

Professional coaching for  companies, business owners and  aspiring entrepreneurs by someone who has “walked the walk”.


With the goal of getting to know yourself better, Group is a powerful space to explore yourself through the eyes of others.